Thursday, January 23, 2020

Social Venture Partners International Names New CEO

Network Photo by Taylor Vick on Unsplash

Based in San Diego, California, Marty Goodman is a real estate investment professional who has held various roles in the industry over the past three decades. During this time, Marty Goodman has been involved in several professional organizations, including Social Venture Partners International (SVPI), where he served on the board of directors for several years.

Over the past few years, SVPI has aimed to fully realize its position as a global network, with the organization looking to deepen its commitment to maximizing the impact of the SVP Network. To do this, it notes that it must have a clear vision for community engagement, as well as inclusion and equity.

In addition, SVPI notes that it must continue to innovate and adapt. This mentality has led to the appointment of Sudha Nandagopal as CEO. Ms. Nandagopal has worked in a variety of sectors and brings a wealth of experience to the role.

SVPI notes that it will continue to tackle inequity and inclusion in the coming years, claiming that it will aim to co-create solutions to many of these problems.